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The House.


With its typical Falun red color Penheden is a real Swedish house from the 1920s. But with all the amenities and conveniences of this time.


  • Large private garden

  • 2 bedrooms

  • Spacious kitchen diner

  • Smart TV, DVD, WiFi

  • Dog play area in the garden

Pets welcome!

From Penheden you can easily walk into nature and the woods. Ideal to wander around for hours with your four-legged friend. The dog is more than welcome to enjoy peace, space and varied nature in the area together. 

In our garden we have created a fenced playground so that the dog can play undisturbed and free.

Fully equipped.

Penheden has a well-equipped kitchen. And is fully equipped for 5 people. There is, among other things, a combi oven, a coffee machine and a pressure cookerpresent.

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